Sunday, May 12, 2024

 Pumpkin Patch RV Resort, May 12, 2024

Yeah, we're still here. Amazon and the USPS are not our friends.

In the process of installing the new solar panel to replace the one that New York took, the steps on the 14 year old ladder on Miss Mosey decided that they were done. EJ deemed them unsafe and no way was I to climb up on them. Oh boy! Another project!

I don't want to replace the whole ladder since those are made for the specific RV model and a generic ladder that might be available locally would entail more modifying than i was willing to under take. Amazon to the rescue. I thought! In my research for a solution I discovered that most RV ladders are made in a common width and that there were manufacturers that made steps to fit these common widths which in our case is 13 inches.

So on 5-7-2024, I placed the order to be delivered to Pumpkin Patch and Amazon promised 2 day delivery which fit our plans perfectly since we were due to leave on the 10th. That would give me an afternoon to get the new steps installed.

But instead of arriving on the 9 as promised, Amazon said they were having problems getting the steps which would result in delayed delivery. Then once they got the steps they bounced around various Amazon facilities before being handed off to the USPS. Uhoh, that raised the red flags. I have not had good experiences with the USPS delivering packages. 

The package arrived in Maine at the Eastern Distribution Center (this is the USPS facility) in Hampden, ME, which is about 25 miles from our location. What was really funny was during this fiasco Amazon was claiming they had sent it to the USPS all the while the USPS was saying they were waiting on Amazon to give it to them. Our package, the steps, languished at the Eastern Distribution Center for 2 days.

I was resigned to not receiving the steps until Tuesday 5-14-2024. These steps were starting to get real expensive as we are having to pay to stay here at Pumpkin Patch until they arrive. But then, something magical happened. The post office delivered them today, a Sunday two  days earlier than I expected. 

The missing replacement steps.

Obligatory cat pictures follows:

(The stare!)

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