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Hi! We are Frank and EJ (aka FnEJ) and this is a brief history of us.

We were married in 1980 in Jacksonville, FL. Fairly quickly after our marriage we began camping in tents, then a 25 foot sailboat, then a 1972 VW Westfalia, then a 24 foot Concord Class A motorhome, then a 22 foot SeaRay power boat, then a 32 foot SeaRay cabin cruiser, then a 1999 VW Winnebago Vanagon, then a 2004 Roadtrek 19 foot Popular Roadtrek, then a 2004 Winnebago 34 foot Itasca Meridian which gets us to date with our 2012 Tiffin Phaeton 36 QSH.

We have lived in Jacksonville, Kansas City, Savannah, Brunswick, Jacksonville again and finally Orange Park, FL. It's been interesting how each home has grown in size until our last one which is a small 2 bedroom townhome.

We love to boondock rather than sit in crowded commercial campgrounds. Our seconds choices are NFS, BLM, COE, State, County and City campgrounds. We camp for the serenity that being in nature provides. Although, out of necessity we have spent extended periods of time in commercial campgrounds for family reasons or location.

We have attended four Escapee Boomers gatherings. One was very cliquey, but at the other three we feel like we made lifelong friends. So with that track record we will probably attend some more. After all, the odds are in favor of making more lasting friendships.

Speaking of boondocking, we have stayed at Quartzsite, The Steps (south of Havasu City), Leadville (CO), Poncha Springs (CO) and more. Our favorite so far is Leadville and we spent 2 and 1/2 months there in the summer of 2018. We have drycamped (campground with no hookups) for extended periods in Winchester (OR), Dubios (WY), Warren Bridge (WY),  Albuquerque (NM) among others.

On some of our more memorable trips we have driven to Alaska (twice) and the Canadian Maritimes (once). On those trips we primarily boondocked and enjoyed all the privacy and nature we could stand.

We retired in 2003 from our 8 to 6 jobs. EJ had managed the technology sections for several school boards and Frank had responsibility for the Customer Billing system (production and delivery) at the municipal utility in Jacksonville. We are both glad that part of our lives are over and as a result have developed an extreme dislike of schedules.

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