About Miss Mosey

Miss Mosey joined our family in July of 2017. She is a 2012 Tiffin Phaeton 36 QSH with a 380 HP Cummins diesel engine and an 8KW Onan diesel generator. We purchased her from a couple who had retired from the army and had a five year plan to travel the country then sell the Phaeton and build a house. We just happened to show up at the right time.

Here she is swapping places with "Big Guy" our 34 foot 2005 Itasca Meridian diesel pusher. This is where Miss Mosey lived for the first few months of her life with us while we readied her for the road.

Miss Mosey waiting to swap places with Big Guy
Swap Complete

The stars must have been aligned just right or we just got incredibly lucky because the sellers were very easy to work with. We "found" Miss Mosey in May of 2017 and drove from Jacksonville, FL to Tampa, FL for a look. We liked it, but we left without making an offer. We rarely do anything on the spur of the moment and it has come back to bite more than once.

We mulled it over for several days, figured out how we could pay for it, and made them an offer with a caveat. We wanted to inspect it and we couldn't buy it until mid July. They agreed with our terms. Actually they were hoping to continue living in it because their house was still being built. So the delay worked out for both of us.

On July 27, 2017, we drove down to Tampa for the third time, gave them a chunk of cash, hooked up our toad and drove Miss Mosey home.

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