Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Public Lands

Northern New Mexico, 10-18-19

Who would want to camp like this…..

crowded RV Park

when there are so many better places to camp in your rig?

Back in August I talked about the trouble we had been having finding “good” places to boondock, or dry camp. Looking back over the summer and early fall our luck has improved. We’ve continued to explore and have found some wonderful places to settle for a few days or even a few weeks. As much as we hope to find that ideal boondocking or Public Land spot that is just off the paved road that no else knows about, they are either very rare or don’t exist.

Being realistic though, we like to find a spot with a view. Being surrounded by trees is nice, but after looking at tree trunks for a few days, they all begin to look the same and bring on a claustrophobic feeling as well. We like an open spot with mountains or water or some spectacular terrain in sight. Some of these are several miles from pavement and that means Miss Mosey is going to get dirty. But the views and solitude are worth it.

Gas pipeline right of way outside of Mancos, CO. National Forest dispersed camping.


National Forest dispersed camping alongside the Dolores River between Rico and Telluride, CO.


National Forest campground alongside the Rio Grande River


Palisade NF campground near Wagon Wheel Gap, CO


Mosca, CO Wildlife Management Area


Highway Springs National Forest campground near South Fork, CO.


Dispersed camping near Lizard Head Pass, CO.


Not only do locations like these soothe our souls, but Gabby prefers them too.


Noises in the bushes will keep her entranced for hours. But then after an afternoon of being in hunting mode, a nap is in order.


We have to admit, Colorado is probably our favorite state for getting away from it all. There is so much wide open space and magnificent beauty. It’s  also a great place to indulge our hobby, Geocaching.  Below is EJ entering our geoname in a cache we found in the mountains.


So long until next time!