Sunday, May 5, 2024

Just another bump in the road...

 Elks Lodge #964 Agusta, ME May 5, 2024

After sitting in the proverbial barn for over 6 months, it's time to hook up the battery charger and see if we can get this blog cranked up and running again. Of course we have a plethora of excuses to account for our laziness. The dog ate my notes (we have no dog), we didn't do anything interesting, or we could whine about the amount of mental effort it takes to string together a few random words and add some snapshots.

Anyway, we are casting all the excuses aside and sorta promising to be more diligent about  updating "Driving Miss Mosey". But (there's always a "but" isn't there?) upon getting all geared up to get this thing back on the road, we encounter Murphy's Law (if it can break, it will). We have a bump in the road of good intentions.

First a little history. Years ago, when we started this little hobby of blogging, we had to use the editor to produce content. It was cumbersome and clunky. Then along came Live Writer, a tool designed to allow dweebs like me to produce computer code without knowing any computer code. Halleluiah! It was a glorious day! No more fighting Blogger roadblocks!

Back in 2016, Microsoft stopped supporting Live Writer. However, a group of Microsoft coders didn't agree with that decision and voluntarily continued to support it. These volunteers kept it running through 2019, then it continued to function although as an orphan for several more years.

Well, sometime in the last 6 months, Google decided to improve Blogger to "make" our lives easier. All they accomplished as far as I'm concerned, was to irretrievably break "Live Writer", the wonderous tool that allowed us to blog with ease. 

So in spite of our former "sorta" promise, blogging may be a little rocky for a while as we experiment with ways around this latest Google fiasco.

Obligatory cat picture follows:

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