Sunday, October 29, 2023

How we spent our 2023 Summer Vacation

May 5, 2023 to October 25, 2023 – Lake Alice State Park CG, NM

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Be aware, this blog entry contains lots of pictures. Click on them to embiggen! 

A little over 2600 miles in 5-1/2 months. During that time we spent 15 days in commercial campgrounds and the remainder at Elks Lodges, Casinos, BLM campgrounds, Forest Service campgrounds, city campgrounds, state park campgrounds and dispersed camping.

As you can tell, staying in commercial campgrounds is really, really low on our list. Why put up with oblivious campers, screeching kids and barking dogs (along with their biological landmines) when you can enjoy spaciousness, peacefulness and wonderful views?

There are times when one must simply have a Trader Joe’s fix or a decent selection of craft beers that requires one to suffer the indignities of a commercial campground and their inherent drawbacks. The sacrifices one must make for Triple Ginger Ginger Snap cookies,  a decent bouquet of fresh flowers or a decent selection of stouts and porters.

Here are some pictures of our favorite spots this summer. 





This summer was also filled with animals. We have traveled to Alaska and Canada looking for moose without success. Lots of moose sign, but no moose. This summer it seems like they are everywhere you turn around. Unexpected, but most certainly appreciated.



And that dear friends, is how you spend a fantastic summer. Peace, quiet, nature, and the rejuvenation of the soul. As the T-Shirt says “Life is Good!”.

Obligatory cat picture follows:


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