Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Yep, They’re Yellow!

September 29 to October 5, 2022 – Aspen Ridge RV Park, South Fork, CO

Lest our last blog left the opinion that our South Fork adventure was a bust, it wasn’t so. While the Aspen Ridge RV Children Fun Park hinted at a bit of the Lord of the Flies, our time away from there was filled with exploration and fun.

As we mentioned before, the purpose of this leg was to catch the changing of the Aspen leaves. We had a secret spot to which we returned to seek out the Aspen transformation. Here, EJ is absorbing her first up close view of the colors.


The drive through the woods was quite full of yellow.


EJ collected some leaves to show the various stages of the leaves.


Everywhere we looked it was yellow.


We also indulged in our favorite hobby, geocaching. Although, I must admit, hiking to a cache at 11,000 plus feet is breath taking in several ways, gasp, wheeze.


And of course a picture of the intrepid explorer wondering how far it is back to the car.


EJ telling me she found the cache. Apparently I was looking in the wrong place.


This was a nice sized container, an old ammo can in fact. Lot’s of times these things are the size of a pill bottle or smaller.


Sometimes I get a wild hair and want to go explore places we haven’t been. EJ is generally willing to put up with these excursions because they end up with awesome views.


Obligatory cat picture follows.




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